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Guensblog Top 5 – Music 2008


So here’s the list of lists, part 1 category music.

I’m not a friend of rankings, but of good old ‘best-of’ lists like in Nick Hornby’s book “High Fidelity”. Actually it’s a good method to fall asleep thinking about new top 5 categories (especially for insomniac guys like me).

This year there are a lot of categories with different numbers of artists named. So less sleep means more categories. 😉

Here we go… this is a personal list of music favourites this year. Primarily but not only pretty new stuff.

Tracks of ’08

  • In Trains (Angst is not a weltanschauung/CD 2008) by B. Fleischmann
  • Free the Dogs (Loving Custodians/CD 2007) by Mauracher
  • Sunday ( Colour The Small One/2004) by SIA
  • Leucocyte I-IV (Leucocyte/2008) by e.s.t.
  • All Alright (Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust) by Sigur Ros
  • If Only (Distance and Time 2007) by Fink

Best Album 2008

Best Concerts 2008

Personal “Torture Music” 2008

  • I Kissed a Girl by Katie Perry  – (approx. 10x in a row Saturdays and Sundays – thank you neighbor)
  • All Summer Long by Kid Rock (all summer loooooooooooong)
  • Last Christmas by Wham (it’s not my mistake that this song is played everywhere exactly the time these lists have to be written…)

Best Songs in Running Shoes  2008

  • Wonderboy by Tenacious D.
  • Winter (What We Never Were After All) by Múm
  • Life in Technocolor ii (!) by Coldplay
  • Mistaken for Strangers by The National
  • I Will Possess Your Heart ( Narrow Stairs/CD 2008) by Death Cab for Cutie

Best “Help Me Falling Asleep Songs” 2008 (in a positive way)

Best “Hey nice shoes, wanna dance?” Songs 2008

  • Overpowered by Roisin Murphy
  • Mr. Big Love by Didi Bruckmayr
  • Slow by dEUs

Best “Happy Pepi” Songs 2008 (no translation on

  • How the Day Sounds by Greg Laswell
  • One Day Like This by Elbow
  • Inní mér syngur vitleysingur by Sigur Ros

Best “Wow! Never Heard Before – Artist” 2008

Best “Still Quite on Top on Itunes Lists” in 2008

For all friends of lists like that have a look at

EDIT (30.12.2008): Bonustracks to the ’08 best of music lists

The good thing with Christmas holidays is that there is time for listening to music one might have missed during the year. Actually that’s why it’s useful to read the “best of lists” in newspapers, blogs etc. So here are some further final recommendations of 2008 releases:

  • Unkle – End Titles… Stories for Film: Only for people in favor of pathetic music. Some tracks are great stuff like Nocturnal or Chemical featuring Josh Homme. The CD is a kind of collection of different music by James Lavelle for movies, games etc.
  • radio.string.quartet.vienna feat. Klaus Paier – Radiotree: Saw them @ Porgy & Bess some days ago. Excellent musicians, very good string arrangements. The accordion and bandoneon of Klaus Paier fits perfectly to radio.string.quartet.vienna, which made a great debut CD ‘celebrating the mahavishnu orchestra’. I’m not a friend of all sorts of crossover projects, but this one is worth listening.
  • Fennesz – Black Sea. top 2008 ranked the album of Austrian electronic musician Christian Fennesz on nr. 12 – quite a sensation. It’s a brilliant album – no doubt about that. Needs some replays to get into one or the other track.
  • Alex Machacek: I somehow rediscover Alex’ music during Christmas holidays and I simply don’t get it out of my mp3 playlists having some winterruns. Alex Machacek is a fantastic jazz/fusion guitar player from Austria who now successfully works and lives in Los Angeles. After the release of the great Improvision album in 2007 there is now a 2008 release of “The official Triangle Sessions” with Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe and Neal Fountain (Abstract Logix). This music is not only performed with technical virtuosity, but the compositions are somehow warm and passionate, too. John Mc Laughlin writes: “Alex Machacek’s music starts where other music ends.”

So that’s it with music for 2008 – we’re now looking forward to 2009.


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